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Mindfulness has become a commonly dropped word lately. To clear up the meaning, mindfulness meditation is not to "Zen" or "Bliss" out. Mindfulness is the intentional training of the mind to come back to the present. There is no magical cure for suffering. It's about learning to be with the body, mind and emotions in a kind and compassionate way.

Be your own Best Friend

Meditation Guide: There are so many online mindfulness meditations that it can be overwhelming to choose. Here are a few of my favorites: 

1. Insight timer (phone app) - you can meditate or be mindful wherever you want, for as short or long as you want. All free. 

2. - Tara offers a meditation for every single problem you may have! As well as short and long guided meditations. She also has great podcast talks available. 

Types of meditations: 

1. Metta - Loving Kindness

2. Forgiveness Meditation

3. Equanimity Meditation

4. Tonglen

5. Body Scans

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