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Welcome to Caroline Kobin, LCSW

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“Without [therapists] we are very unreliable narrators of our own stories”. - Ruth from Russian Dolls, 2019.

"Neurons that wire together fire together." - Donald Hebb

What do I do?

Niche Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health needs

I collaborate with clients to work on their goals and define their values. I teach and model skills to assist people in developing insight, and being intentional and mindful in their daily choices. I have 20 years of experience working in all different settings, the Disability (IDD) field, Addictions, and Mental Health including Case Management, Group, Family Therapies. I have advanced training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness. I combine therapeutic methods to best assist clients in understanding and applying useful skills to their daily lives (art, music, writing), and often use visuals to ensure clients can remember and apply skills. I have two pups, Melvin (golden retriever), and Fizzgig (creature, Muppet, Ewok) who serve as Team Sidekicks.


Contact Me


Fax 9714073196

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